Consent Builder is a web-based tool for creating Word document consent forms. Once you answer questions and complete text boxes as instructed, Consent Builder creates a Word document with CPHS-recommended language and format, which you save to your desktop. This Word document may be edited further if needed, then saved as a PDF file and attached to the eProtocol application for your study.


  • Consent Builder uses CalNet authentication. Anyone with a CalNet ID and password can access the system.

  • Investigators should be familiar with CPHS Informed Consent Guidelines, and may use Consent Builder and/or the template and sample forms available under Informed Consent as resources in creating their consent documents.

  • Studies with Children/Minors: If your study involves children/minors as subjects, see Guidelines on Children in Research, Guidelines on Child Assent and Parent Permission, and template child assent and parent permission forms to create appropriate assent and permission documents.

    If your study involves ONLY children/minors as subjects, and the adults involved will ONLY be giving permission for their children to participate in the research, do not proceed with Consent Builder. If your study involves any adults who will be giving consent for their own participation in the research, please proceed with Consent Builder to create the appropriate consent form(s).


  • Click the “Save and Continue” button when an item is done, click “Back to Previous Question” to change an item, or click “Skip to Next Question” to move forward to the next item. Note:  Do not use the browser’s back arrow; use only Consent Builder’s “Back to Previous Question” link.

  • To insert text in bracketed or yellow highlighted areas, select and type over highlights. (Highlights will not appear in the Word document.)

  • After you create and save a consent form, you can re-open and edit it online at any time by selecting the consent form title from the list on your Consent Builder Home Page.


If you have questions or need help with Consent Builder, call OPHS at (510) 642-7461.

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