Berkeley eProtocol

Important Instructions

(updated 5/19/2016)

CPHS/OPHS utilizes the Berkeley eProtocol online application system to submit human subjects research for review. To access the system, click on the Berkeley eProtocol icon at the bottom of this page and log in with your CalNet ID and passphrase.

Note: Before you start, please read the FAQs page for important information about eProtocol, and consult the Types of Review page for information about submissions and review processes. Questions? Call OPHS at (510) 642-7461.

Berkeley eProtocol - Sample Forms

In eProtocol, there are four choices of forms for a new application to conduct research with human subjects. As a tool to allow investigators to see the questions in the Protocol Information section (the main section of each form) and to work on addressing these questions offline, we have created the sample forms below. (Please note that sample forms will NOT be accepted in place of an online submission.)

If you are unsure about which form to use, see Types of Review for information about New Exempt and New Non-Exempt submissions and/or contact OPHS for assistance.

Sample Forms:

eProtocol Login

Click on the link below and log in with your CalNet ID. Note: Berkeley eProtocol uses CalNet authentication. Persons not affiliated with UC Berkeley who are engaged in human subjects research must either be listed in the protocol by UCB personnel within the collaborator section (Part 3 of Protocol Information), or be entered in the Human Resources Management System by the PI’s department to obtain a CalNet ID (so that the non-affiliated person can access Berkeley eProtocol).

Log in to Berkeley eProtocol:

eProtocol login