Title Last Revised
Amendments 02/2014
Attachment Requirements for Surveys, Questionnaires, and Interview Guides 04/2017
Attachments Check List for Exempt Applications 02/2017
Attachments Check List for Non-Exempt Applications 02/2017
Certificate of Confidentiality 01/2019
Child Assent and Parent Permission 01/2019
Children in Research 06/2018
Classroom Observations with Media Recording 04/2018
Clinical Laboratory Testing in Human Subjects Research 07/2015
Compensation of Research Subjects 07/2017
Data Security Guidelines and Matrix 09/2020
Deception and Incomplete Disclosure in Research 07/2015
Deviations and Noncompliances 10/2014
Electrical and/or Magnetic Brain Stimulation in Research 01/2018
Engagement in Human Subjects Research 06/2020
Exempt Research 04/2021 REVISED
FDA-Regulated Research 11/2020
FDA-Regulated Research: Decision Trees for Investigational Device Studies 01/2021 NEW
Genetic/Genomic Research 08/2017
HIPAA and Human Subjects Research 06/2020
Informed Consent 01/2019
International Research 01/2018
International Research Checklist 07/2015
Internet-Based Research 09/2020
Legally Authorized Representative 05/2021 REVISED
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Research 09/2021 REVISED
Mandated Reporting for Suspected Child, Elder, or Dependent Adult Abuse or Neglect 05/2016
Mechanical Turk for Online Research 01/2020
Pregnant Women, Fetuses and Neonates 10/2011
Prisoners as Research Participants 11/2008
Recruitment 04/2013
Reliance Agreements for Non-UC Collaborations 01/2021 REVISED
Secondary Analysis of Existing Data 10/2019
Subject Pools, Recruitment Registries and Databases 12/2012
Suicidal Ideation 08/2017
Suicidal Ideation Decision Tree 08/2017
Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events 10/2013
Undergraduate Research, Part 1: Ethical Issues in Undergraduate Research Activities with Human Participants 10/2013
Undergraduate Research, Part 2: Guidance on Designing Undergraduate-Initiated Research Activities 10/2013