CPHS acknowledges the challenges that may exist with multiple IRB reviews in collaborative research projects.  Under certain circumstances, to minimize duplicative IRB review, UC Berkeley (UCB) may be willing to rely on the review of another institution’s IRB.

Generally, the IRB performing the review on behalf of UCB should be another academic institution in the United States that has a Federalwide Assurance with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) and has its own institution-based IRB.

All requests for UCB to rely on another institution are subject to the approval of the OPHS Director under the delegation of authority from the UCB Institutional Official (IO), the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Instructions to Rely on Another UC Campus IRB

Please see UC IRB Reliance Registry for Studies under the UC MOU for reliances involving another UC campus.

Instructions to Rely on a Non-UC Campus IRB

Reliances between UCB and a non-UCB IRB are considered on a case-by-case basis. UCB investigators who are interested in a potential reliance on a non-UC IRB should consult with OPHS staff for more information.

At a minimum, OPHS will need the following information to make a determination:

  • UCB PI name and role in the study;
  • Funding source;
  • Non-UCB institution name and role in study;
  • Proof of human subjects research training for UCB PI and assurance that any other UCB personnel engaged in the research have completed training (e.g., CITI).

In some instances, a reliance may require the execution of an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) to formalize the agreement.

  • If you have already submitted a protocol to CPHS/OPHS, please contact your assigned analyst for more information on the IIA request process.
  • If you have not yet submitted to CPHS/OPHS, please consult with the Analyst of the Day by calling (510) 642-7461.


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