Where can I receive assistance with my research using large secondary data sets?

Researchers should contact the Berkeley Research Data Management (RDM) program. Research data is broadly defined to include the digital inputs to and products of research performed in all campus disciplines. A partnership between Research IT and the Library, the RDM program offers consulting, training, and online guidance to address new requirements from funding agencies, publishers, and data providers, and to help researchers manage and steward their data effectively and efficiently.

How do I get information on confidential and secure data storage?

Please refer to our data security policy for guidelines on how identifiable information should be stored based on the storage device, location of the storage device, and who has access to the storage device.

How long should I keep my research records?

Research record retention length varies depending on sponsor, population, use of protected health information, federal regulations, and the Food and Drug Administration regulations when applicable. Please refer to the University of California Office of the President Administrative Records Relating to Research: Retention and Disposition Requirements document for requirements.

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